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Friday, August 31, 2012

Where has this summer gone?!

What happened?  I feel like this has been the FASTEST. SUMMER. EVER.  Seriously, this summer should get a speeding ticket!! :)  But here we are, the last part of the summer is coming to a close (tear) and at least I can say that the summer of 2012 will go down as one of the best (and busiest) so far. 

Here are some of the memorable things that happened over the summer......
My super cute nephew, Ryan,  turned 2: 

We got MARRIED (I know, you thought I would forget to add that one)

We honeymooned in Savannah and Tybee Island, GA

Had a wonderful family beach trip in Sunset Beach, NC.  One of my favorite places in the world!

I went to Ft. Lauderdale for a really great conference with the March of Dimes
We headed back down to Tybee for our two month wedding anniversary
(I forgot to take pictures on this trip I so we will just go with a standard "toes in the sand" picture here)
We spent time with some great friends

And I got to go BACK to the beach with one of my BFF's, Rebecca!
Check out those smoky eyes.  FIERCE.  :)  We actually got a little help from this blog post .  It has inspired me to start using some new products and have a little fun when it's time for a girls night/date night or something special. 
William has been working hard all summer on his new business, W. Walker Environmental.  I am so proud of him and all of the time and effort he has spent and continues to spend on making it a success.  We certainly have a lot of work ahead of us, but so far I couldn't be more excited for him on making his dream a reality. 
You know what they say "The greatest risk in life is not taking one."  Well, I know in our case, with great risk comes great reward.  Please think about us and say a little prayer that everything continues to go smoothly!
We have had a great summer full of fun, family, friends and excitement. 


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