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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wedding showers

As I mentioned in my last post, we had an exciting second half to our weekend that included TWO wedding related activities.  The first was a shower thrown by the Rogers-one of our favorite couples!  They actually introduced William and I about five years ago at a tailgate and their whole family was in our wedding! 

Here they are:
This picture doesn't really do their daughter, Elizabeth, justice though.  She's SUPER cute and fun. AND they are expecting another daughter the end of this fall.  Clark. Is. In. Trouble.  Poor guy.
Well, anyways, back to the shower....we were celebrating one of William's buds from his college days, Jeff Tarpley. 

Here he is with his sweet fiance, Susie.
Sorry to be using all of these photos from the wedding-they're the most recent ones I have!  The shower was a great time.  We played cornhole, had a few beers and caught up with friends.  We didn't want to leave!  BUT we had to because we had an engagement party to go to for Adam and Amanda. 

Check out this cute couple:
Hey?! Check it out-ANOTHER picture from our wedding :)  But doesn't everyone just look so nice?!  They had a super fun fiesta catered by Moe's (where they met years ago) at Adam's parents beautiful home on the lake.  It was great to catch up and celebrate with them as well. 

Weddings are just such fun.  Maybe it's because I just finished my own, but there is just something about two people deciding that they want to spend their lives together that warms your heart. 

You can just feel the love and happiness surrounding them and who isn't a fan of that?  People who don't like weddings confuse me.  Here is a list of things I like about weddings:

1. God
2. Love
3. Friends
4. Family
5. Dancing (what-what!!)
6. Cake
7. Free Booze (just keepin' it real people)
8. Getting to make lists like this that don't include bills to pay, to-do work items or chores

I mean COME ON-it is a GOOD TIME!  And who is all about having a good time and celebrating love?! THIS GIRL! 

Happy Wedding Kelley's and Tarpley's!  We love you guys!

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