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Sunday, September 9, 2012

More Wedding News

Y'all!  Remember how much I said I love weddings?!  Well guess what?!  One of my BFF's got engaged over the weekend!  YAY!  I am so happy for Paige and Ryan.  Paige and I met a few years ago when I started working at WLTX.  We became fast friends and she was a bridesmaid in my wedding earlier this summer.  We talk on the phone every morning and always have a blast together- and I just couldn't be happier to see her as a bride :) 
Here they are:
The Future Stonewells 
(They aren't sold on that name yet but I'm working on convincing Ryan to go with it :)

Aren't they adorable?  They went away for a long, Labor-day weekend getaway and came back an engaged couple!  As long as I was working at WLTX, Paige always had a photo of her "dream ring" which was a canary yellow diamond.  Well, she got it!

Good job, Ryan!  It suits her perfectly! 
I was able to visit with the happy couple on Sunday night and had the best time talking about all of the exciting things ahead for them! 

A few months ago, Paige and I bought a living social deal for a "wine and design" night out.  We had never done something like it, but had heard it was fun, and we were right! Paige, Kate and I went to the class together.  We were told we were very entertaining :)

Here we are getting ready to paint:

Here's some pics along the way

This is Kate's painting.  We referred to it as the burning bush :)

And here are our final products:

In other news-this weekend was the first home tailgate of the season.  Here's the only picture I took.

  We had a great time, but man was it HOT!  We're glad next week is a 7 o'clock game so that we won't have to deal with the heat AND we can focus on our theme.  We are going to try to incorporate a them into each weekend if possible. Mexican, Italian, Southern, Minis...the possibilities are endless!  We all have a great time coordinating and planning.  Can't wait to see what all this season has in store, although I am hopeful for at least cooler temperatures :)  


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