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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I don't know about you....but I'm feelin' 22!

Well, I am actually very much feeling like I'm 30 since I've been home from my girls vacay for two days now and still don't feel 100%, but boy was it worth it!  I can without a doubt say that I have some seriously fun friends.   They made my turning thirty feel totally awesome! 
Haley and I headed down early Thursday in order to get the beach house ready for everyone and get some sun since Haley had to leave late Friday for a bachelorette party in Savannah.  It was great to have some sister in law catch up time too.
Later in the afternoon, Laura and Rebecca S. joined us for happy hour on the beach, and our group was almost complete!
Not too much later, our favorite shorty Paige joined the fun and we all headed out to Fannie's for some pizza and a Miami vice (that's a blended combo of a daiquiri and a pina colada, delicious!)
My favorite SIL steering the boat at Fannie's!
We were all a little tired from our travels, but rallied like the fun girls that we are and took our singing skills on over to Benny's (It's a Tybee Thang!).
We sang a few songs......
Did a little dancing.....
And took some pics!
Friendship at it's finest :)
Friday morning came quickly, but we managed to wake up, eat a greasy Sugar Shack breakfast, and head out for some beach time.
Paige and Rebecca even treated us (and some innocent beach-goers) to some yoga moves!
Check out that form!  Talent I tell you. 
We sadly had to say goodbye to Haley on Friday afternoon but the fun didn't stop there.  After some condo cocktails and primping, we were ready for dinner.  Social is a place that I HAVE to go every time I'm at Tybee.  The decor is beachy and comfortable, and the food is YUM.
Here's the four of us in the lounge area! 
Roomie Love!

Cheers to me!  The big 3-0!

After dinner we headed over to the Rock House to do a little dancing...
And take a jello shot....still gross, even when you're thirty (especially when they're made with Fireball-yuck, not recommended!).

The vibe there just wasn't cutting it, so we went back to our old stomping grounds, Benny's.  The night ended up to be nothing short of legendary.

There we are!

This is Rebecca singing "Total Eclipse of the Heart".  It was the best karaoke performance I have ever seen. In. My. Life.  I'm talking the people were out of there seats- coming from the bar to see what was going on onstage! The crowd was going wild!!  Amazing.  Just amazing.

Here's me singing something much less exciting :)
Here's the Rebecca's dancing with our new friend, Jules. 

Paige even rocked a solo.  Get 'em PP!

Post Karaoke glow!

The night ended with a visit from the Tybee Pirate (and some random gentlemen photo crashing) and a golf cart cab ride home (compliments of Troy who let us know his signature dance is the mashed potato.)  Does anyone know what that is?  Either way, it was fantastic!

Saturday started with a trip to the Breakfast Club AKA the BEST breakfast you will ever have. Seriously.  Then it was back out to the beach.  Some of us played bocce, while others napped peacefully :)

We spent the majority of the day beachside and then had a low-key dinner at a little dive called
Huc-a-Poos.  It was a really neat place with cornhole, the ring game and live music every night.  It's definitely a hidden spot where the locals hang. 
Self portrait time!

 There's the whole gang :)  What a beautiful group!
A girls vacation is just what the doctor ordered.  Spending time with some of my favorite girls was the perfect way to ring in the big 3-0.  I love you all so much and it means so much to have you all in my life.  We sure did have a lot of laughs on our trip and I think it will go down in history as one of the best birthdays EVER!  If this is how thirty feels than count me IN!
Love my girls!!!

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  1. Looks like a blast!!! Would have loved to see that karaoke live!!! Happy Happy 3-0...welcome to the club!!!