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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What You May Not Know Wednesday

In an effort to get some comments going on this blog, I thought I would open up the floor for some sharing.  Now don't get too excited just yet-it's really pretty simple.   I thought that, perhaps, I would designate Wednesdays as a time to share a list of five things you may or may not know about me.  Bonus for me, I like making lists :) Sometimes there will be a theme, and sometimes not.    So here goes the first edition of "What You May Not Know Wednesday"-Christmas style.....

1.   When I was young (maybe 3rd or 4th grade) my Dad wrote initials on the bottom of all of our Christmas gifts.  Rachel and I had them all figured out pretty fast days before Christmas.  For instance, HA2= Home Alone 2.  It was kind of a bummer at the time, but now I think it is pretty darn hilarious.  Who can guess what FW was??  Gosh, we got a lot of movies that year....

2.  Speaking of Home Alone, it's my favorite Christmas movie.  I mean the one-liners in this one are just classic.  "Buzz, your girlfriend-woof!"  "Keep the change ya filthy animal!"  "You're such a disease!"  "You guys give up, or ya thirsty for more??"I mean I could go on and on...It's silly and funny, but still manages to capture the Christmas spirit.  Kevin McAllister, you're the man.  Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer-you are also the man. And a close second.  Thanks for figuring out the Abominable Snowman just needed a dentist, he was super scary up until then.

3.  Sausage balls remind me of Christmas.  My mom used to make them for our annual family gathering  each year, and it was the only time they really came around.  We went crazy over them (and still do).  Whenever I make them I think of her and all of our family gatherings around the holidays.

4.  We used to do caroling and "toasting of the trees" at each neighbors house in our cul-de-sac growing up.  I think it was more like a traveling cocktail party for the adults but it was fun for the kids too.  One year, one of the parents had made jello shots.  Of course, being maybe 10, I had no idea what those were and I gobbled up quite a few...and then felt pretty funny.  When I told the neighbor "mom" I liked her jello, she warned me those were for the adults and to stay away.  Oops.  Guess that was my first "buzz." 

5.  This Christmas will be the first one I have been able to spend with my hubby and I am very excited.  We are both very close with our families so we have always been separate, until now!  We are going to Tennessee this year and I am so excited to see how the Walker/Rose clans do Christmas.  From the sounds of all of our emails, I know there is going to be lots of yummy food, and lots of family fun.  And that is what the holidays should be!

What a wonderful time of year!  What are some of your favorite Christmas movies or memories?  

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