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Monday, December 16, 2013

Celebrating my favorite Sister In Law

Several months ago, about 10 ladies and I decided to start the plans for an amazing holiday couples shower for the lovely bride-to-be, Haley Walker and her groom, Michael Lawson.  Haley has been a BIG part of all of our lives for a while, not to mention taken part in many wedding showers for all of us so we were thrilled to finally return the favor and do something nice for her! 
The evening festivities were held at the WildeWood Country Club clubhouse and it couldn't have looked nicer!  Something about Christmas lights and greenery around just makes everything look elegant and romantic.  
We decorated the room with photos of Haley and Michael as well as photos of the hosts and her family over the years, and even hung their stockings at the mantle.   All of the hostesses wrote a note including a funny story about Haley that were put on display as well. 
The food was spectacular!  We feasted on Lobster BLT shooters, Andouille en croute, Coconut Crusted Chicken Tenders, and a lovely meat, cheese and antipasti display.  Dessert was a strawberry and white chocolate mousse inside of chocolate shells-yum!
We all had a great time catching up with each other, eating the yummy food, toasting with delicious cocktails and celebrating a beautiful couple.  Cheers to more fun times ahead!
Haley and one of the hostesses, Alison
Hostess shot with the bride

 A re-creation of a photo from our wedding of the Walker siblings

Haley and Newton

 Newton and Jayne
Me and the beautiful bride!
William and me

Silly Siblings again

Rebecca Swygert and Deborah Gowdy (don't they look like they could be sisters?)

Family photo

Family photo 2
Future Lawson's, the Walker's and the Kelley's being silly 

 Some of the boys 

Father and son (you would think they coordinated outfits haha)

 Haley, Emmeline and Amanda

Congratulations Michael and Haley!!!


Monday, November 25, 2013

Catching up before Thanksgiving

November has been another busy month, but it's always one of my favorites.  Most years it's because the Holidays are quickly approaching and the fall weather is here to stay (that's really not accurate in SC) but this year was even more special because I got to fly to the west coast and visit with the Lee's! 
I wasn't able to go in 2012 because of our wedding and the time off needed for that, so I knew I couldn't let another year go by without booking a trip.  Of course the best part of the trip is getting to see my two adorable nephews and kiss their sweet little faces and listen to the funny things they do and say.  They are both so precious and I love them more than their sweet little heads could ever imagine.   Here are some pics from my trip:
Just hanging around the house
Niner Practice
Rach and I out for a sister dinner
Game sillyness :-)
Tailgate spread.  We made ham and cheese sandwiches (you know the really yummy ones with the butter, worcestershire and mustard on the sweet rolls..mmmmm), sausage dip and corn dip for those of you reading who like knowing that kind of thing :)  Oh, and mimosas. Those are a must for an early game!
Sweet little Adam isn't quite old enough for a football game, but I think next year he'll be ready!
I had a great trip and really loved being with my sister and her family.  The only downside...Ryan called me Rebecca.  That's right, not Bec-Bec, which has been my name since he first started talking, but my ACTUAL NAME!  I don't think I'm a fan!  Haha :) 
We had a little trouble with our travels getting home, but no big deal!  The important thing is that I got to spend some time with family and I loved every minute of it! 
You can probably guess how time has been spent between now and games, work and spending time with friends and family-just the way I like it :)

Hard to imagine there just a few weeks left of this YEAR!  I'm looking forward to spending more time with people I love and soaking up a lot of holiday spirit very soon!  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!   And if I totally bored you with my blog post, check out this video.  If it doesn't make you smile than I don't have anything else for ya ;)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fallin' Behind

Haha-you get it right?  I crack me up....Anyways, I have a lot of catching up to do because it's been BUSY!  Football season seems to do that to us.  But work has also been very busy for both William and myself (which is a good thing)!  We've been working hard, but also found some time for play too :)
I had a work conference in Nashville, TN which worked out great because my flight was out of Charlotte and that just so happened to be where we were going bridesmaids dress shopping that same weekend!  It worked out perfectly!  We had a great day of shopping!
Then I also got to visit with my sweet friend Seantel, and her precious twinkies, Graham and Ellie.  
After that I got to catch up with my friend Laura at her new place in Charlotte.  It was nice to just hang around, watch football, drink some wine and relax.  Wish all of my Charlotte buddies were closer!
After my Nashville trip, we had another reason to celebrate.  My BFF's birthday of course!  We had a great time eating at the Brazilian Steakhouse and then of course, sang some karaoke.  I love birthdays :)
October came around QUICK and that meant it was time for more tailgating and fall fun.  I got to go to the Luke Bryan concert with a SUPER fun group of girls. It was his "Farm Tour" and that is exactly what it was.  Seriously, the night ended with cows surrounding our vehicle.  It was a lot of fun....but next time I think we will try to get a parking spot closer to the main road :) 
The next day we did some tailgating with our favorites and had a great time.
Silly Future Lawson's dancing
Crazy faces :)
Hey!  There's that little rascal Sally Mae!  How'd she get on here?? :-)
We also had our every other year USC/UT visit to Knoxville, TN.  Jack and Sara were gracious enough to host the group and we had a wonderful time on Friday night eating yummy food and catching up with one another. 
The Party Car
Bride, MJ, Biscuit and Cupcake
Big Will and Birthday Boy
Sweet Aunts :)
Crazy shot!
Unfortunately Saturday didn't go quite the way it was planned, but everyone is okay and we were glad we could all spend the time we did together.
There's us at the game!

On a side note, we lost my sweet step-grandmother Mrs. Lillian on Monday.  She was a precious woman who loved her family, good food, shopping and all things celebrity entertainment (seriously, isn't that hilarious?).  She adored her grandchildren, and all children really, and never met a stranger.   She will be greatly missed.  Momma's are such important people in our lives.  Whether they are moms, stepmoms, grandmom's or just a  friend who happens to be a mom, there is just something special about them.  Hugs and kisses to all of the very special mommas, past and present, in my life.  Love you all!