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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Lay Down Sally......

 Do I have that song stuck in your head now?!  It sure is stuck in mine :)  As most of you know, William and I were SO excited to get our newest family member a few weeks ago.  Introducing.....Miss Sally Mae Walker.  Isn't she the cutest??  Sally is a golden retriever and came to us from Maysville, GA on April 14th.  She is irresistibly cute and has brought a lot of happiness to our home.  She's enjoyed meeting some of her extended family and can't wait to play with some of her friends she hasn't met yet.  

She looks a little fluffier than she actually is.  When this was taken she only weighed about 7lbs.  And in just a week, she's already up to 10 lbs!  She won't be a puppy for long, that's for sure!

This is her snoozing.  She prefers the hardwood floor opposed to her super comfy bed.  Hey, whatever works!

Hanging out by the back door making sure there isn't any mischief occurring outside!

I tried to get a picture of her super cute collar that her Aunt Haley gave her, but she's so fluffy it's always covered up!  In case you were wondering, it's grey with white polka dots complete with a pink daisy :)

I'm a proud momma of our new four-legged friend!  Come visit if you haven't already.  You'll fall in love too, promise!!

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