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Monday, October 8, 2012

Tailgate Time!

Tailgating is so much fun.  Delicious food, getting to see all of your friends, college football, cornhole, ice cold beer.....the list could just go on and on.  We are fortunate enough that our group all gets into theme-ing out the tailgate and we like for our spot(s) to look good-I think we've grown into about 6 total. 
And when I say good, I mean people can hardly stop themselves from asking for a bite of food or dropping their jaws when they see our amazing cornhole boards.  Seriously.  In fact, a kid dragged his mom back to our tailgate a few weeks ago asking for a pig in a blanket.  And not just any pig in a blanket, a pig in a blanket made with hebrew national hot dogs.  Class, people. 
So this past weekend we decided to do a "mini" theme-bite sized versions of our comfort food favorites.  Here's us on our way in along with some of the delicious treats from the tailgate! 
Sitting in traffic!

Mini Pizzas:

Mini caramel apple shots--super cool!

Mini tomato pies:

Here's some of the group excited about those caramel apple shots :)

Mini meatballs:

Mini burgers:

We really do have a lot of fun.  So next time your tailgating-stop by spot 422,  but keep in mind, you won't wanna leave. Rumor has it that the last tailgate before the 2012 election (October 27-Tennessee game)  there will be a "Bring your Best Dish" tailgate theme complete with voting (ballot boxes) and someone will be elected Tailgate President.  It's going to be awesome.  Promise :)

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